Project Thrive Well being Schools

Who are we?

We are a purpose driven organisation inspiring schools, organisations and communities to build individual and collective well-being. Fusing positive psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, wellness and leadership we take an integrative and disruptive approach to wellbeing strategy in schools and organisations.

Why do we exist?

We exist to set people up with good knowledge and skills as early as possible. We promote well-being and health and the building of psychological flexibility (resilience) in individuals and systems.
Because under the right conditions people can thrive through adversities. Because having empathy for ourselves and other human beings is crucial and can be taught. And because most importantly, mindset is paramount. What we focus our attention on, grows.

How can we support you to create thriving individuals in your school or organisation?

We provide meaningful, interactive and context specific professional development to your staff or audience. We support your organisation with coaching and consulting and facilitate well-being and education strategic planning. We design and tailor engaging presentations to inspire students, educators or any staffing groups, specific to your context.

Why are we here?
It's simple… to create thriving and integrated individuals in a positively connected world.

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